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Fit Wrapz Burritos Help Clients Achieve Fitness Goals


(Boise, ID)–Developed by athletic and personal fitness trainer Shige Toyoguchi, Fit Wrapz burritos are a healthy meal-planning alternative that has helped many customers achieve their fitness goals, reports Fit Wrapz gourmet burritos are a balanced meal with the appropriate macronutrient ratios (carbohydrates, protein and fat) necessary to fuel elite athletes or those competitive in their sport. Available in four varieties, the healthy burritos are high in protein, whole grains, and fiber. Each burrito also provides the proper calorie amount for a full meal and weighs between 7 to 7.5 ounces compared to the average 5 ounce burritos in the premium burrito category. They are completely free of preservatives and artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

“We are excited to provide a tasty, premium product that takes the guess work out of eating healthy while on the go.” said company spokesperson Jessica Toyoguchi, “Our hand-rolled burritos are made of only the highest quality ingredients and our customers frequently tell us they love how our burritos taste like they’ve been made from their own home kitchen. Each recipe went through a multitude of variations in the development process to achieve a healthy balanced meal that looks and tastes like a home-made burrito.”

The four available varieties are Green Chili Chicken Burrito, Barbecue Seasoned Chicken Burrito, Original Breakfast Burrito, and Breakfast Burrito with Maple Sugar. All Fit Wrapz burritos are wrapped in a 100% whole grain & whole-wheat tortilla custom developed for Fit Wrapz. The Green Chili Chicken Burrito contains white meat chicken breast, steamed brown rice, shredded mozzarella cheese, house-made green enchilada sauce, and spices. The Barbecue Seasoned Chicken Burrito is made with white meat chicken breast, steamed brown rice, shredded mozzarella cheese, and a house-made smoky Southwestern barbecue sauce. The Original Breakfast Burrito includes lean ground turkey sausage, scrambled egg whites, shredded mozzarella cheese, skin-on roasted rosemary infused red potatoes, grilled onions & red bell peppers, and our Italian spice blend. The Breakfast Burrito with Maple Sugar includes lean ground turkey sausage infused with maple sugar, scrambled egg whites, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, skin-on roasted rosemary infused red potatoes, grilled onions & green bell peppers.

Commenting on their most frequent customers, Jessica said, “We understand that our customers have busy schedules and in devoting time to their athletics and fitness goals, they may not have a lot of time left over for meal preparation. That is where we step in and provide delicious and convenient healthy burritos, packed with the nutrition they need to fuel their bodies for athletic performance.” When customers order online at, their frozen burritos are carefully packaged with dry ice and delivered straight to their home within 3-7 days.

Fit Wrapz are becoming popular with athletes in a wide range of sports. The company is currently sponsoring two figure competitors and a professional cyclist. “Athletes pay a lot of attention to what goes into their body,” Jessica said, “They understand that food is fuel, and their bodies need the proper balance of nutrition to perform well in their chosen sport.

Available online, Fit Wrapz burritos can also be purchased in select grocery stores across multiple states. The burritos can be prepared from frozen or thawed, using a microwave or oven.

About Fit Wrapz, Inc.

From athletic training facilities to the freezer, Fit Wrapz was founded in 2009 by a true fitness professional, Shige Toyoguchi. As a personal and athletic trainer and nutrition coach, Shige created Fit Wrapz as an alternative for his clients’ meal planning. These nutritionally balanced meals became instrumental in the success of hundreds of Shige’s clients accomplishing their health and performance goals. Started by Shige out of his own kitchen, Fit Wrapz has become a well-known and popular choice among athletes and people of all walks of life.


Short Course on Paving – Getting to Square 1

What Can You Benefit When You Hire Professionals to do the Work of Paving and Seal Coating? If you own your own home or your own commercial area, you might be very pleased about what you have accomplished, as it is well-known that owning real estate is considered to be very satisfying as well as very beneficial to any kind of person today. However, these people also have a lot of duties and responsibilities, one of which includes taking care of and making sure that the property they own is improved throughout the years. For example, one who wishes to make some improvements on his or her property can have a road or parking space created on it. One will be happy to know that he or she can hire the help of professionals who are trained and experienced in doing paving and seal coating well. One who is able to find good professionals like these to do the work of paving and seal coating, then, will certainly be able to reap a lot of wonderful advantages and rewards. One who hires the help of professionals who know how to do seal coating and paving well will be able to benefit, first of all, from the assurance that comes with the knowledge that the work done will be done perfectly. One might understand that the work of paving and seal coating cannot be done by just anyone, as it might turn out uneven and less than beautiful in the end. In order to avoid problems when it comes to these tasks, then, one should definitely hire the help of a professional. Hiring professionals to do paving and seal coating will also benefit you wonderfully because when you do so, you will be happy to know that you can actually make great savings on money in the long run. If you try to do the work of paving and seal coating yourself, you might know that in the long run, this work might be in need of repairs which are very costly, which might force you to spend more money than you expected. The good news is that through the help of professionals, work which is durable can be done.
A Quick Overlook of Services – Your Cheatsheet
When all has been said, then, hiring professionals to do the work of paving and seal coating is definitely a good idea.Smart Tips For Uncovering Paving